22 for 2022

An auction of 22 all-new NFTs by emerging and established artists. Bid in ETH through February 8th.

Artsy and Verisart present “22 for 2022,” a selection of 22 works by 22 contemporary artists showcasing engagement with NFTs across artistic disciplines, styles, and generations. Participating artists reflect a variety of mediums such as AI, painting, installation, digital imagery, photography, robotics, sculpture, and video. Discover works by Shepard Fairey, Pindar Van Arman, Mario Klingemann, Vhils, Penny Slinger, and more. Auction curated by Verisart.

Bidding for this auction will be conducted in ETH and will start to close on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022 at 6:00pm EST.

The closing time noted at the top of the auction page indicates when the first lot will begin to close. The countdown timer on the artwork pages will display the end time for the lot. Each lot closes in 2-minute increments and will be extended by 15 minutes if a bid is placed within the 15 minutes before the lot’s scheduled closing time.

Kindly note that the entered amount represents your current bid amount. All bids placed on Artsy are final and non-retractable.

Gas fees can vary depending on network demand and are non-refundable even if you are outbid. For more information, see our FAQ.

Failure to comply with KYC requirements will result in the cancellation of your purchase. Your funds will be returned to your wallet less any associated gas fees and a 10% cancellation fee.

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